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Peptide Skin Treatment

Peptide Skin Treatment

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Peptide and Moor Based Skin Treatment

In keeping with the values of natural health, Bio Glow personal care products are designed to promote and support healthy skin.

Most cosmetics simply give the appearance of healthy skin by covering up imperfections. At Bio Glow, we believe in good nutrition for all parts of the body including skin, hair and nails.

The skin is the first barrier to disease causing pathogens. By feeding the skin and growing healthy new skin, you not only look great, but you support this barrier protection.

Peptides are short string amino acids, known to support and stimulate signalling to the epidermal growth factors and other components that stimulate growth of healthy skin

The Bio Glow skin care range includes Peptides and Moor as a key active ingredients to support healthy, good looking skin.

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